In June 2013, for the first time ever, an LGBT entry was made in the town carnival. The year's theme was Favourite Musicals and the team made a realistic Wizard of Oz with top hatted wizard (riding a battery powered tricycle lent us by Quest88), Dorothy with red shoes and Toto, a hairy lion, metallic tin man, and adorable scarecrow! Our vehicles were driven by same sex wedding couples with Just Married signs and a trail of noisy cans. Rybrook kindly loaned us a Mini convertible and Jen lent us her classic Mercedes convertible. To our amazement we won a first prize, for Most Original Form of Transport, and a magnificent solid silver cup. Our sizeable crew was augmented by enthusiastic members of the Shropshire Youth Parliament and XYZ Youth Group. Video footage here 45 secs in. 

Peter Gilbert promoted LGBT groups around the town with these cards. 

 Gallery 2013

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